Best MOAB Memes From Last Week

If we can count on the internet for anything, it’s a never-ending supply of unsubstantiated rage. And if there were a second thing, it would be that the half of the internet that isn’t raging is always mocking the half that is. Last week, the Air Force’s use of the best named ordnance of all time, the MOAB, was a perfect case study. That’s how we ended up … Continue reading Best MOAB Memes From Last Week

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The U.S. Army’s Flickr account is an afternoon well spent

Let’s face it. Not everything that the Army puts out is awesome. (Looking at you, Soldiers Magazine.) But its Flickr account is legit. From war porn to gritty AF pics of Ranger candidates right smack in the middle of the suck, the quality is high and the hooah is strong with this one. Surfing it is a great way to spend an afternoon reminding yourself why … Continue reading The U.S. Army’s Flickr account is an afternoon well spent

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The Best Army Photos of 2015 Are Killer

The Army just put out its Year in Photos for 2015 and some of these images are stunning. The Army’s regular Flickr account is surprisingly high quality, featuring work by Public Affairs Officers, Imagery Specialists and even regular joes, many of whom have only Army training to draw on. Here are some of our favorites, but be sure to click through to check out the full page for all … Continue reading The Best Army Photos of 2015 Are Killer

Deployed for Christmas

There are thousands of service members deployed each Christmas. For me, it was actually the best time of my deployment. I had a bunch of generous friends back home send money, my family sent me a bunch of stockings, and a couple buddies and I were able to buy a few little things from the PX for each person in the unit. Here’s what it looked like: … Continue reading Deployed for Christmas

Best War Video in the History of War

Here’s the war video to end all war videos. Posting pictures last week of the last Blackhawk air cavalry squadron hanging up the hats and spurs in their redesignation ceremony got me all sentimental. Here’s a look at the now-defunct D Troop’s last deployment to northern Iraq. The unit went by the callsign Moonshine, and operated in northern Iraq, stationed in Kirkuk, Mosul, Tal-Afar—many of the same locations where … Continue reading Best War Video in the History of War