Major League Baseball’s Love Affair With the Military

Baseball…war…patriotism. When America is in crisis, the National Pastime is at its morale-boosting best.

And, while players don’t generally serve today, there’s a long history of players serving and sacrificing their lives for the good ol’ US of A.

President Franklin Roosevelt famously made sure that Major League Baseball continued during World War II in spite of the Commissioner’s offer to suspend play.

No fewer than 29 Hall of Fame players, not just the journeymen, served during that war, and Ted Williams, the greatest hitter ever, served in the Korean War, too.

So many players served, depleting rosters all over the American and National League, that the St. Louis Browns made their only appearance ever in a World Series in 1944.

Baseball Still Loves the Military Today

From military discounts to partnering in Welcome Back, MLB continues this tradition of keeping up the spirits of fans all over the country and supporting the veterans returning from Iraq, Afghanistan and all over the world.

I’m proud to be a baseball fan, but I’m prouder that MLB puts so much into thanking veterans.

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